Life Begins Again

Where I live in the Canadian prairies, winter is long, hard and cold.

In many ways it’s like the whole world around you goes to sleep and hibernates for 5 months.  Many people ask how we can stand to live in this climate of -30 Celcius, but the simple truth is that you have to live somewhere, and my roots are here.  Not only that, but there is something wonderful and magical in seeing a true change of seasons, where the world wakes up and regenerates itself after a long and cold nap.  It can be almost inspirational 😉

This winter was a particularly long one, and we even now, still have a hill of 3 feet of snow in our front yard.  But spring is coming.  As  I was coming home from my walk tonight, I took my headphones off and I heard the most glorious sound…   The birds were singing their hearts out!

My heart soared because it means that the world is coming back to life.  Soon the snow will be gone and the grass will start to turn green.  I’ll be out there chasing lady bugs again, and tending to my flowers in hopes of them giving me a few months of colour before the dead white comes back again.

Yay for spring!  Yay for life!!