Memories Fade.. But Day Dreams Last Forever

I am a dreamer.  I always have been, and I suppose I always will be.  

As a child I was always off in some fantasy land, dreaming of what I would be when I grew up, or what my life was going to be like.  I could be a super hero or a big time roller skater like Olivia Newton John in the movie Xanadu.

My day dreams still come to me, every single day.  Little movie clips where I see alternate visions of my world.  They have changed slightly.. no longer am I a Super Hero or a Roller Skater who can sing, but now they are more grown up and more realistic.  

Or are they??

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a bad thing, this day dreaming habit of mine.  But then I realize that in life, there are very few things that you can truly call your own.  My day dreams belong to me, and only I know what they contain.  They are my little secret.  Image