I Don’t Even Know Your Name

I Don't Even Know Your Name

Sometimes there are people in our lives.. who affect us. It can be in so many different ways. It might be the way they look at you. It might be something they said… or didn’t say. It might be the way they walk or laugh. It might be that they did something nice for you or you saw them do something nice for someone else.

They just affect you. You might not know why. You may have a feeling but not a reason. It can be difficult and confusing. It can be hazy and sweet like waking from a dream. And maybe it’s something you should just enjoy, and not ask questions of.

Even if you don’t even know their name.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Know Your Name

  1. Awesome Sandra, and I completely feel the same way as you described when people can affect us without a definable reason.

    PS, you should keep up on your blog, I find mine to be a great place to share more than just my photos when I have things on my mind and meet other people. 😉

    1. THank you Shantha! I will keep up here, as often as I can think of something worthy of blogging about. I suppose it’s time to do another one soon. THanks for the follow!! I’ll check out your blog!

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