When We Are Gone

When We Are Gone

If We Were Gone

The other day I slipped away from work to visit the local art gallery here and take in an exhibition of Vincent McMillan.  

Vincent has been photographing Chernobyl for 44 years, documenting the decay of the places abandoned and left behind after the disaster.

The photos are fascinating and so thought provoking.  I stood in front of these amazing photos in awe (the photos look SOOOOO much better printed large than you’ll see on your screen – his lighting is amazing..) and couldn’t help but think about how the whole world would look if man was suddenly just..  gone.  

I marvelled at how nature takes back over and starts to consume and cover everything, and just takes back what is hers.

Check out his web page – some of the albums show you the same photos spaced years apart and it’s quite interesting.


One thought on “When We Are Gone

  1. I saw a documentary a few years ago on that very subject – what earth would look like without people. It was a very depressing show. It was about “just after” such an event and not about nature’s ways. Also, this reminds me of something I read years ago. It concerned Hiroshima and how all the scientists were astounded that within the first year after the bomb, a tree began to grow.

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