Clearing The Cob Webs

Clearing the Cob Webs

Every now and again we need to give things a good cleaning out.  Some call it spring cleaning, or deep cleaning, or what ever manner of description.

What ever you call it – it’s all the same thing.  A whole lot of work.  An exhausting task.  Not at all comfortable while you are doing it, but a necessity.

 Even our minds can become gunked up with goo.  Old resentments.  Worries.  Fears. Grudges. Anger.  Hate.  envy…… you name it the list is long.

 After a while there become little room for the good things that feed your soul.  Happiness.  Joy.  Sunshine. Forgiveness.  Kindness.  Caring.  Empathy.  Peace.  Calm.  Love.

 So now and again it’s a good idea to clear out the cob webs that hold you back.  Shake up the dust that has settled and collected for so long.  It’s a bit uncomfortable to start, but after it’s all over, and the furniture has been moved around, things look a lot different.  Fresher.  Cleaner.  Clearer.  More Roomy.  The air is fresher.  It tastes sweeter.

Yup..  time for some Spring Cleaning 😉   

OOPS!  I lost my head 5
OOPS! I lost my head 5