The White Nothing

The White Nothing

Last night I dreamed…

I dreamed of a tree that stood alone in the White Nothing.

The White Nothing was all encompassing and covered everything leaving only the tree, with me, standing under it.
As I stood under the tree looking up into it’s spindly branches, I felt protected and safe there, as though it was my guardian, and it’s many arms seemed to circle around me in a gentle embrace.
The White Nothing was very lonely, however, and it pressed in on me like a cold fingerless hand, wanting my breath and the warmth of my soul. Squeezing it out of me.

And then there you were.

Standing beside me. Holding my hand. Creating energy that drove the white nothing back. We sat under the tree for a life time, telling each other our secret dreams and fears, laughing until we cried, and crying until we laughed again.
The White Nothing stood still all around us and watched. Curious. Seeking answers to what it was seeing.
Finally the White Nothing gave up and receded. Bit by bit. Little by little, leaving us to our play. Maybe we beat it. Maybe it felt sorry for us. Or maybe it just didn’t know what to do with us. But we beat it.


We beat it.

And now we still sit under the tree, holding hands and leaning our shoulders together. Knowing we are not alone.

We will never be alone.

Because we are friends.