Take Me To That Secret Place……. Where All Your Dreams Come True

Take Me To That Secret Place....... Where All Your Dreams Come True

Take Me To That Secret Place
Where All Your Dreams Come True
Where the gentle breezes blow our hair
When ever I’m with you

We’ll dance to the sound of the misty rain
As it makes our clothes all wet
We haven’t had a rainy day
That spoiled our mood yet

The sun will shine And the birds will sing
And we’ll frolic in the grass
Until the sun goes down alone
And into the gentle evening we’ll pass

The stars come out and the night bird sings
A gentle song for two
We’ll wrap ourselves up in a blanket
A cozy cocoon  for two

I Don’t Even Know Your Name

I Don't Even Know Your Name

Sometimes there are people in our lives.. who affect us. It can be in so many different ways. It might be the way they look at you. It might be something they said… or didn’t say. It might be the way they walk or laugh. It might be that they did something nice for you or you saw them do something nice for someone else.

They just affect you. You might not know why. You may have a feeling but not a reason. It can be difficult and confusing. It can be hazy and sweet like waking from a dream. And maybe it’s something you should just enjoy, and not ask questions of.

Even if you don’t even know their name.